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For a Few Dragons More prints multiple sizes

For a Few Dragons More prints multiple sizes


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The mist burns away as the sun rises and fog rolls back over the sea. The Autumn spirit of the land eagerly awaits the birth of her dragons. Their mother is her faithful steed and companion, even laying waste to the king's castle after he dared enter her forest unbidden. She gasps with pleasure as the first hatching bursts through and immediately catches a butterfly for it's meal. They bond as they wait for the second egg to open. A crack appears as it shakes violently. A very large wing tip pops through, followed by the sound of grunting. The Fae gently casts a spell to aid her baby, and the rest of his torso is revealed. "Get me outta here," he snorts, as his body is stuck in the egg. She can only thank the goddess that one of the dragons, at least, may fly someday.
The background is Kilchurn castle in Scotland

🖤The original oil painting is 18x24 on canvas.
🖤Handmade item
🖤High quality archival print
🖤Direct from the artist's studio

As an artist, I try to capture moments that should exist. My oil paintings have no sketch, projection, or anything similar. I simply start painting. I've included a picture of this painting in progress.